Фалсификувал дозвола и работел како механичар во Кантас

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Фалсификувал дозвола и работел како механичар во Кантас

Postby Scylla » 19 Nov 2008, 13:33

BETWEEN September 2006 and July last year, about 12,000 passengers flew on Qantas planes that Timothy McCormack had certified as airworthy.
Unknown to them - or to Qantas management - he was not a licensed aircraft maintenance engineer but had forged his credentials and falsified his exam results to pose as one.

At his District Court sentencing hearing yesterday, McCormack initially denied his deception had placed thousands of lives at risk.

Eventually, he agreed with the Crown prosecutor Paul McGuire that the potential for harm was "catastrophic".

McCormack, 27, had passed just one of 11 basic exams required by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, failing or never sitting exams in topics like engine construction, emergency systems, mechanical controls and landing gear.

Australian Federal Police charged him with 111 offences relating to almost 2000 maintenance jobs on 88 aircraft. He pleaded guilty to 42 charges.
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