VACANT position - Membership / Support Manager - ACCMAC5

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VACANT position - Membership / Support Manager - ACCMAC5

Postby kapetan_filip » 22 Aug 2012, 12:22

Намерно го ставив на англиски за да не го преведувам, бидејќи го ставав на повеќе места.

MACvACC is opening new staff position - Membership / Support Manager. This is very important and responsible position. This is primary position for all questions and problems, as well as helping new members coming to MACvACC and VATSIM.

    * Have VATSIM account
    * Be member of MACvACC (If interested, join us)
    * Dedicate 5-6h per week for MACvACC
    * Previous experience in VA management is recommended but not necessary

The form you should apply with is

    * Full Name :
    * VATSIM ID :
    * Why should we choose you? :
    * Any other staff experiance? :

Applications should be sent to

Closing date for all applications is Friday 7th September 2012 23:59 CET.
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