VATEUD Full Coverage, 26/04, 1700-2100z

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VATEUD Full Coverage, 26/04, 1700-2100z

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Sunday, 26 April 2009, 17:00 - 21:00

VATEUD is pleased to announce the Full Coverage event on Sunday 26th April from 1700 to 2100z.

VATEUD's vACCs are all working together to bring you a fantastic evening on VATSIM. Expect all countries to be covered and also, a minimum of one Approach in each country. This means that all FIR's within Europe will have ATC coverage, something we rarely see on VATSIM.

There are no specific rules to this event. Just fly across Europe and enjoy the very best of European ATC for 4 hours..... Remember, wherever you go, you will be guided by our talented ATC. Each vACC is making a point in opening as many stations as possible to make your journey a touch more "realistic" and enjoyable.

Location: VATEUD division (Europe)
Contact: Fred Navarro
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